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Name Properties Buying Price Buying Price Selling Price Selling Price Picture
Small Sack Can carry up to 8 Items 2 6
Big Sack Can carry up to Items 2 6
Heavy Backpack Can carry up to Items 25 75
Quiver for Arrows Holds only Arrows 2 6
Snakeskin Axe Holster Holds only Axe's?
Snakeskin Back Sheeth Holds ?
Snakeskin Dagger Sheeth Holds only Small Arms?
Snakeskin Hammer Holder Holds only Blunt Weapons ?
Snakeskin Heavy Holder Holds ?
Snakeskin Sword Sheeth Holds only Swords?
Weapon Strap Holds only Weapon 12 28
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Page last modified on June 24, 2018, at 04:37 PM