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Name Quest Reward Picture
Hyehold, The Lighthouse Keep gives you a "Statuette of Felewyn" to Place it on his Friends Grave behinde the Lighthouse. Some Gold an a Dwarven Axe Attach: .gif
Urdaufs Book When you talk to Patron he will tell you about Urdaufs lost Book, then talk to Urdauf about the Book, he will tell you that he lost it in a Spider Cave (Thornlands Spidercave inside one of the Cocoons where the Spitting Spiders Spawn?) Unknown Attach: .gif
Name Quest Dropped by Picture
Aurelino Var's Manuscript Unknon Unknown
Goblin Chiefs Head Unknon Cave Goblin Chief on Isle
Sealed Letter Unknon Edana
Statuette of Felewyn Unknon Given by "Hyehold, The Lighthouse Keep" on Gertenheld Cape
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